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Dr. Subramanian Swamy on the anti-national Dravidian Movement in Tamil Nadu

February 3, 2014

Dr. Subramanian Swamy explains the fake Aryan-Dravidian theory expounded by Britishers to divide India to make it easier to control the country. “Divide & Rule” policy of the Britishers is quite well known.

He also clearly explains the history behind the current so-called Dravidian Political parties in Tamil Nadu which operate and propagate the aryan-dravidian myth. 

The detailed article can be read on Frontline magazine (2003).

The simplified jist of the article is quoted below :

..The word Dravidian is, for example, a Sanskrit word. It was first used by Adi Sankara, in reply to a question by Varanasi scholar Mandana Mishra as to who he was. Sankara replied that he was a “Dravida sishu”, meaning a child of where the three oceans (the Arabian sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean) meet. The British-paid historians, however, made Dravida into a race. Similiarly, “Arya” in Sanskrit denoted a gentleman (in Tamil: Aiya), but these historians made Arya into a foreign race from Europe who had come racing down the Khyber Pass to defeat the Dravidians. And thus India came to be propagandised as a two-race state..

..The British imperialists had wanted an instrument to divide and rule in the south, and seized on the fallacious Aryan-Dravidian theory propounded by East India Company-paid historians..

..For a time, after the British left India, Indian historians continued teaching this bogus concept of India, adding grist to the Dravidian movement propaganda. Some North Indian scholars suffering from inferiority complex lapped up this concept because the theory made them first cousins of Europeans. They too contributed to the myth..

This article also forms the basis for understanding Dr.Swamy’s abbreviations used in twitter for Darvidian movement people – DDs , Porkis, Elis


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  1. ganesh permalink

    why Swamyji didn’t get Ministry in NDA govt. Im upset over that

  2. dravida permalink

    dravidians exist …we will not allow our self to melt away from history ..we will fight aganist swamys propoganda

  3. Proud Dravidian permalink

    “Self proclaimed intellect” Swamy had commented “Porki” when seeing the Mirror. Nowadays even Modiji ignores “Swamiji”.
    Dravidian movement is here to stay. Please scream as much as you want. Nandri.

    • what is Dravidian.. go and read ancient books . give a complete thorough read, u will understand that your thoughts run tangential to circle of reality

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